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Post by Admin on Wed Nov 18, 2009 9:05 am

Currently I'm waiting for my website layout to come back from my designer. But I'm not just waiting, twiddling my thumbs... I'm currently making the 'admin' register page... which is the page you all register for your leagues. That page is nearly done, just got to do some validations on it then I'll post the link for you all. This is the first page that is actually writing data onto the database.

To prevent flooding I created a pending table, so it just stores what you want your league to have on that. Then creates all your players etc when myself or another admin (if/when I get more) approve it. This also means you have no need for lots of waiting while it tries to create your leagues.

Once that page is done, I'll make the login page and you will be able to start seeing the true colours of the site. You will be able to start editing everything you want (overtime eventually). Obviously I still haven't really touched the match engine yet. When I do it may seem like I'm not doing much but that's purely as there's an awful lot of code in it. My last one I think amounted to over 50kb of text. Anyone who know anything about writing in notepad... that's massive! This time though I'm trying to compress the file size down, I have done, so far by using array's more than before, allowing for less code to call data.

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