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Post by ladbroke on Mon Nov 23, 2009 6:29 am

As I referee football, I don't really get the chance to play it, but I do play 6-a-side football at my local sport centre league.

Last week we were on the wrong end of a record breaking scoreline. 11-0!! in a 30 minute match! We were playing the reigning champions, and we are also one of the poorer teams, and it doesn't help our cause when our best player left, 2 others also left, and we were left with 4 players. So newbies came in, and didn't shine.

We played again last night (league is on every Sunday), and played a team of similar quality. We dominated the first half, and started brightly in second, but fell behind after a woeful pass from up front to 'start again' at the back. That led to them going 2 on 2 (me being last defender - keeper not allowed out of area). They wrong footed me, and scored past our stand in keeper as main one injured!!.
They scored a 2nd shortly after when our player pulled a muscle whilst in possession, and they unsportingly took it off him and went on to score being 3 on 1 (we were pushing for a equaliser).
I managed to score our goal, after conceding a free kick (over head, not allowed). I stood the required 2 yards from the ball, and he passed it towards me! I nicked it to my team mate, and made quick run towards goal, and he first time passed it through and I poached it past the keeper. I nearly nicked a point at the death, but a brilliant block denied us a great comeback..

So, 2 games in, we've lost 2 and scored just 1, conceding 13!!


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Post by Feralis on Mon Nov 23, 2009 6:40 am

Congrats on your goal, but unlucky with the record breaking scoreline.
As the team sounds pretty new i wouldnt worry as if you played 11 a side when your a brand new team you have to expect a hammering every now and then, just dont let it get you or your team down. Just think you have done the hard bit which is score i played for a team that didnt score for 6 games yes 6, but we grabbed a hard earned 1 - 1 draw against a promotion pusher and we then went on a unbeaten run of 13 games and ended up coming 2nd scoring the most goals.
Dont let let it get you down the results soon come.

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