Having a crap week...

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Having a crap week... Empty Having a crap week...

Post by Admin on Tue Nov 24, 2009 11:21 pm

Wow this week has been so very crap so far. Monday, being my first day back at work after having 9days of just seemed to last forever which wasn't THAT bad. But today was awful! Half hour before I finish my shift, some guy comes in to buy 100fags. Comes up 'Retain Card' which means it's normally stolen or something. He wanted it back, I explained how it's against the rules to give it back to him... Then he starts getting very aggressive, rude and ill-mannered, calling my every name under the sun. He said how he would call the police and I told him to as they will agree with me, I offered to give him my name and a contact number for my manager so he could file a complaint against me, just kept swearing and threatening me. After about 10mins of him shouting abuse at me I ignored him then when he asked why I was I merely said 'I don't HAVE to talk to you'... All this time remaining pretty professional and apparently he's going to 'See me soon'... I was just like yeah you will.

I really do hate customers, with a passion!!!

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